Why DAO, Feb 12, 2020

In our first dGov call, nobody took notes. First learning! Ask someone to take notes or share a notes document. What we do have is the full video recording, links and a few comments people typed into the chat, and a list of next topics we might want to explore!

The full recording:

From Lauren Nignon to Everyone: 02:26 PM
Here’s a pretty relevant article about DAOs: https://medium.com/@ivanthinking/the-human-side-of-daos-ca6f2e729a82

@Fernando: if it’s a scaled cooperative, why not just have a cooperative?

From andreasarnold to Everyone: 02:27 PM

Rather than „scaled“, maybe „multiplied to other places“.

From Manuela Bosch to Everyone: 02:27 PM

I like to share a resource/method with you, that integrates ancient practices/wisdom when building distributed/self-organized projects https://dragondreaming.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/DragonDreaming_eBook_english_V02.09.pdf

From Lauren Nignon to Everyone: 02:28 PM

Thanks, @Manela. I really appreciate the resource.

From Michal to Everyone: 02:44 PM

“we’re more closed than when we were activists!! Now we’re activists who’re using a technology no one understands (…) let’s deal with adoption first!”

From Lauren Nignon to Everyone: 02:45 PM

I have found that transparency is very difficult when dealing with mental health issues, which come up often in this neuro-atypical DAO space

From Eyal to Everyone: 02:46 PM

Can DAOs Save Politics: my personal experience in a political movement, and how DAOs could have saved it from collapsing:

From Michal to Everyone: 02:46 PM

@Fernando — people behave differently when they or their actions are constantly observed

From Eyal to Everyone: 02:48 PM

And here is a Democracy DAO spec, trying to understand issues like transparency, structure of organization, adoption, and others: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rbfqgPCm0SJyXP48tundjfSpfSReu7vMtIydTszeMzE/edit#heading=h.7rhxtwmmig9v

All comments on the both pieces would be great