Web 3 Summit - DGov Node


Summary: we’re organizing a node (break out room) around dgov & dao topics for 3 days at the web3 summit space. Every day has a topic and is curated by the expert / core team member (see below).

Dates: August 19-21, 2019
Location: Funkhaus, Berlin

Design: we’ll start days with 10 mins lightning talks (10-13), then 3-4x45 mins fishbowls in the middle (14-17) and 1-2 workshops in the end (17-21). Timing may vary for each specific day. Some time would be specifically left blank for the things that would emerge at the place.

Important: all info is preliminary and is constantly updated. More pieces to come soon.

Day 1 (19.08): Law, Philosophy, Values & Society curated by Tim Bansemer

Lightning Talks

  • Tim Bansemer (DGov): Desired and Viable governance models - reconstructing the hopes of blockchain
  • Ori Shimony (dOrg): DAO legal solution we are trying out that utilizes Vermont’s BBLLC
  • Anja Blaj or Tim – COALA updates
  • Marina Markežič (UNLAWCKED)
  • Luke Duncan (Aragon) Aragon Court, Jurisdiction
  • Ori Shimony (DOrg BCLLC)
  • DAO Landscape Report update


  • DAO’s – Dissecting the generalisation
  • eDemocracy
  • Identity in dgov
  • Governance / Сrypto law


  • DGOV SEED DAO Workshop

Day 2 (20.08): On-Chain governance, Markets & Incentives curated by Max Semenchuk

Lightning Talks

  • John Light (Aragon): Aragon Network Votes Retro
  • Paul Pham: using AZTEC to do private voting for GenesisDAO
  • Jacob Arluck (Tocqueville Group): Tezos Updates
  • Dillon Chen (Edgeware, Commonwealth Labs) – Edgeware demo & lockdrop insight
  • Ameen Soleimani: Moloch DAO updates
  • Peter Pan: Metacartel updates
  • Michael Zargham: cadCAD for design, test and validation of complex systems through simulation
  • Max Semenchuk: Signaling and Tennagraph updates
  • Jeff Emmett: CommonsStack, conviction voting and more
  • Griffin Ichiba (Colony)


  • Funds management: current successes and fails
  • Reputation in DAOs
  • Liberal Radicalism: Harberger Tax, Quadratic Voting and more (RxC)
  • DAO Security Practices – Luke, Jeff, Zargham


  • Deep dive in the Aragon OS + Apps +/ CLI
  • Mechanism Design Workshop

Day 3 (21.08): Soft Governance curated by Phoebe Tickell

Lightning Talks

  • Genesis updates
  • Aragon Coop updates
  • Sobol & Consensys goverance updates
  • Enspiral updates
  • Ethereum foundation updates
  • Going Horizontal


  • Soft Governance F*ck ups


  • Practical distributed governance
  • theory of participation
  • NVC
  • Holacracy
  • Sociocracy…

Let’s discuss – your feedback, ideas, lightning talks application etc are very welcome.



Hi Max & all!

I viewed this document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fw_RGh7w19xVvPV4LzG1BfLTjpZ7h9eOY6Vuq1KHU7M/edit

On the Day 1 Track I noticed:

    (besides others)
    I’m really looking forward how you put bits and pieces of these projects in your context together.

the wiki has already a resource list like this:
or this:

Where can I find more about the relation of these projects to dgov?

Also somehow I didn’t find democracy.earth, I know Tim has met Santi - did you find something where collaboration would be possible?

There are also a lot of projects like for example this one: https://www.democracy-deutschland.de/
Which are not in the crypto/web3 but at least digital space. Do you have another list of “non” crypto projects where collaboration might be possible?

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You can also check https://mapping.daolandscape.today/ . There and in the wikis you’ve mentioned we list the projects that are working in the dgov domain. Most of them are also members in the community. We haven’t focused much on non-crypto projects as other organizations already did that successfully.