Trolls, dragons & dungeons

Part of DGov Council 2020
Host: Phoebe Tickell

Topic, Main Questions

  • There is a need to be prepared on bad behaviour
  • Are there types/persons for bad behaviour
    • Individuals (internal)
    • Organisation
    • individuals/organisation (outside)

Agreements and convergence

  • Protect the org:
    • Set up rules
    • Avoid retrospectively criminalize bad behaviour
  • Establish conflict resolution process
  • Conflicts should/can make communities stronger/more resilient
  • Reverse engineering to refine rules, learn from cases
  • Splitting a community can also be a healthy thing

Disagreements and challenges

  • Separate politics (tribes) and individual
    • Bad behaviours -> conflicts in tribes might/should result in forking
    • Does technology/DAOs enable better/more focus on resolution process
    • Judging is always, has to be subjective

Key learnings and conclusion

  • A: setting up rules, establishing a culture is important!
  • B: define rule/judge on conflicts roles/process should be separated