Topics for weekly calls

Following are the ideas proposed for topics. Please feel free to add to the thread.

  • What is a DAO?

  • Who should be included in a DAO?

  • DAO vs. Oligarchy

  • Use cases and lessons learn

  • Equality vs. Expertise

  • Incentivization vs. Reputation currencies

  • Transparency

  • Transparency vs. Efficiency

  • Execution of decisions (what happens after the vote?)

  • Identity vs. Anonymity

  • The Tragedy of the Commons (false myth) and Free Rider problems

  • What are we deluding ourselves about

  • Money: Redistribution of Value

  • Money as Optionality

  • Failures and learnings

  • Trust versus trustless

  • Rituals and ceremonies

  • Envisioning the end game

  • Envisioning the transition

  • When not to DAO

  • Ostrom’s principles: scaling of commoning

  • Best practices:

  • Idea Exchange: Sharing our projects and getting feedback from others

  • Territory/Land/ Sovereignty

  • What is a commons and what should be a commons

I would love to discuss what concepts are the foundation of DAOs, and what are the ones shared by all the existing DAO platforms.

Can you be more specific? What questions would you ask? would you be able to provide a strawman to discuss? My sense is that “the foundations” are equivalent to the list of all topics we want to discuss and each week we are focusing on a difference concept.

Decentralisation of humanity away from its core is basically the epicentre (Ha. The word though) of “what concepts are the foundation of DAOs,”. I dig the libertarian Murray Rothbard’s thoughts on “radical decentralization”… According to the Irish poet W. B. Yeats what decentralisaton really means is “the centre cannot hold”… Well, ? is: does this mean that “mere any is loosed upon the world”?.. Does anyone want to decentralise their home & family for starters?.. Or are we just decentralising via tech leaving the home from protected?.. DAO really means Autonomous Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence when the hurly-burly’s done. Until there’s no longer a biped in the loop controlling the almighty DLT smart contract admin private keys, DAO ain’t DAO enough! #Myfreeopinion

  • What makes a DAO DAO?

*Is a DAO controlled from any centre decentralised?

Take a look at our first recording, “what is a DAO”, where we discuss these issues.

Hi all, when are these calls happening? is there a calendar invite to add?

Weekly dGov calls take place every Wednesday at 2 pm - 3:30 pm CET on Zoom.
Starting April 1 at 4 pm-5:30 pm CET. You can find the calendar on the dGov calendar at the home page or send me a DM with your email and be added to the google invitation. No invitation is necesary. The calls are open to everyone.