The Experiment: July 1 dGov Chat

We discussed the upcoming event prior to meeting in Brussels.
Video recording:

Chat from the call are the only notes I have right now:

00:07:38 Michal: I’ll be off camera for a bit to take advantage of the sun outside
00:07:58 Michal: Emergence! @Grace : )
00:12:46 Analua Dutka-Chirichetti: bad connection. what i am interested in: getting to know you all better, learning how to Co create effective democratic processes, big scale collaboration and deep discussions
00:15:42 Analua Dutka-Chirichetti: @Grace do you foresee our event be digital or in
00:15:48 Analua Dutka-Chirichetti: person?
00:18:46 Martin Dow: @Grace and @Alex - it’s //so// long since I saw two people on one camera!
00:23:53 Grace Rachmany: It’s cool to be an embodied person
00:24:39 Michal: and one more point regarding bringing the (dGov) community together… it’s easiest to bring people together if the group has shared purpose and goals — do we have those? or do we align enough there?
00:34:02 Michal: + one more thought Re: outcomes // showing by doing is a very powerful tool and a way to learn – just talking won’t be enough
00:41:11 Jillian Hovey: I will speak as well.
00:42:24 Michal: silly question… can we “create” commons?
00:43:16 Michal: maybe we one part is figuring out how to “create” commons, or align people around those
00:44:30 Michal: how can we… create a commons ecosystem and culture (vs. capitalism, dominant culture)
00:44:56 Michal: and how NOT to reinvent the wheel, re: Jillian’s comments
00:45:03 Grace and Alex: In some ways I might say it’s the opposite… it’s a commons until you declare ownership or dictatorship over it
00:46:17 Michal: How to talk with the blind, about colors?
00:47:21 Grace and Alex:
00:48:07 Jillian Hovey: Create a Commons to declare what it is that we are going to share. e.g. speaking time and the group’s attention.
00:48:39 Jillian Hovey: Knowledge or learnings is a true public good, as I can make/take without taking something away from another - not a “Zero Sum Game.”
00:50:51 Grace and Alex:
00:53:47 Jeff Emmett: Hey all, I have to jump off for another appt, lovely chats again today as always! <3
00:59:02 Martin Dow: @alex - struggling to re-connect - will comein asap
01:07:45 Grace and Alex:
01:08:14 Michal: thanks Grace
01:10:27 Kris Is: yeah, would be good to also take a few minutes on what the agenda is now for Thu & Friday, most important to me is to know from when to when :slight_smile: so I can schedule my other meetings.
01:10:53 Jillian Hovey: Jillian@Permaculture.Net
01:25:03 Kris Is: maybe you could also ask people in the dgov channel? as some people might want to join (during those specific times) who are not here today but do have some time tmrw or on Friday?
01:25:19 Grace and Alex: absolutely will do
01:28:28 Jillian Hovey: I am down to meet early - I already had a practice run this morning :wink: