The bridge between legal and digital dimension

Part of DGov Council 2020
Host: @AnjaBlaj, Jack Laing

Topic, Main Questions

  • The overacting topic is DAO and its legal implications
  • Main questions:
    • What vehicles can one use for shielding DAOs from liability? External and internal
    • Can we have an arbitration agreement that gives way to an internal disagreement resolution?
    • How DAO interact with the legal world?
    • What kind of agreement should we have between the members?
    • What is the best legal structure? Avoid the taxes, so that money doesn’t finances the wars
    • When is something (a token/crypto) considered to be a security?
    • Liability for taxes

Agreements and convergence

  • We need to discover many different legal entities which are suitable for DAOs
  • We’d like to find a good jurisdiction which allows DAOs to thrive (low taxes, possible liability limitations)
  • Even if you are incorporated somewhere, there are still ways and possibilities to recognise members as liable for actions taken by a DAO

Disagreements and challenges

Key learnings and conclusion

  • Liability needs to be limited
  • Taxes in one country alone do not make sense when the organisation si decentralized
  • Ownership over the real assets