The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

I am posting this thread to say hi to folks. I encourage others to do this same.

Hi :wave:

I am Max Semenchuk, community manager at , Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Also work at , , and more :grinning:

See you all around the discourse threads. Subscribing to email notifications now.


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Grace Rachmany here! Coauthor of “So you’ve got a DAO: Handbook for connected and distributed leadership.” Been in the tech space for 30 years as a founder, COO, VP Marketing, entrepreneur, mentor and writer. Excited about community, culture, and proposal making in the dgov space.

Professional TMI:


Hello I am Jamie, I have been involved in the Ethereum Magicians. More recently I have been co-developing a Code of Conduct Policy and a general Community Policy Framework.

I participated in the March 2019 DGOV gathering in Paris, which was wonderful!

This is where I make the most noise:


Brent Allsop here. I’m interested in anything to do with distributed governance. We’re working on building and tracking consensus at Canonizer.


Hi! My name is Andreas :wave: . I met Tim some time ago and we stayed in contact. My background is with programming but in recent years I have become very much interested in other areas like social/policits/organisations etc. I find dgov’s mission super important. I’m still trying to find the optimal way to contribute but we’ll see how things go :slight_smile:


Hi all,
My name is Kartic Rakhra, community manager at GovBlocks & Marketing Lead at Somish Blockchain Labs. Also launched a few products like Certy & DEF among others.

I’m really interested in engaging with the community around DAO governance and how we can take a more pragmatic approach towards implementing distributed governance in organizations of different sizes.



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Welcome Kartic, great to have you here!

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Sven here, am a long time support of political direct democracy (DD) movements.

Am developing a marketplace based primarily on user self governance and hopefully self-ownership using DD concepts. Initially am building in high levels of transparency to help support effective self-regulation of the marketplace.

Am not specifically working on DAO, I am not sure the concept is mature enough and I don’t have the resources to move to that paradigm, but the concepts cross what I am doing and could definitely be incorporated down the track.

The governance problems that arise in a DAO are very similar to any type of distributed decision making situation, such as political DD or DD enacted in a large organization.

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Hi, my name is Ozzi and I’ve been working on building an offline community for remote workers in SEA for the past 10 years or so. I’m currently working on my master thesis and studying the opportunities to use DAO/DAG and specifically Aragon to govern offline communities like village co-ops. Hoping to find some guidance and help from this forum for my thesis.

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