The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

I am posting this thread to say hi to folks. I encourage others to do this same.

Hi :wave:

I am Max Semenchuk, community manager at , Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Also work at , , and more :grinning:

See you all around the discourse threads. Subscribing to email notifications now.


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Grace Rachmany here! Coauthor of “So you’ve got a DAO: Handbook for connected and distributed leadership.” Been in the tech space for 30 years as a founder, COO, VP Marketing, entrepreneur, mentor and writer. Excited about community, culture, and proposal making in the dgov space.

Professional TMI:


Hello I am Jamie, I have been involved in the Ethereum Magicians. More recently I have been co-developing a Code of Conduct Policy and a general Community Policy Framework.

I participated in the March 2019 DGOV gathering in Paris, which was wonderful!

This is where I make the most noise:


Brent Allsop here. I’m interested in anything to do with distributed governance. We’re working on building and tracking consensus at Canonizer.


Hi! My name is Andreas :wave: . I met Tim some time ago and we stayed in contact. My background is with programming but in recent years I have become very much interested in other areas like social/policits/organisations etc. I find dgov’s mission super important. I’m still trying to find the optimal way to contribute but we’ll see how things go :slight_smile:


Hi all,
My name is Kartic Rakhra, community manager at GovBlocks & Marketing Lead at Somish Blockchain Labs. Also launched a few products like Certy & DEF among others.

I’m really interested in engaging with the community around DAO governance and how we can take a more pragmatic approach towards implementing distributed governance in organizations of different sizes.



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Welcome Kartic, great to have you here!

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Sven here, am a long time support of political direct democracy (DD) movements.

Am developing a marketplace based primarily on user self governance and hopefully self-ownership using DD concepts. Initially am building in high levels of transparency to help support effective self-regulation of the marketplace.

Am not specifically working on DAO, I am not sure the concept is mature enough and I don’t have the resources to move to that paradigm, but the concepts cross what I am doing and could definitely be incorporated down the track.

The governance problems that arise in a DAO are very similar to any type of distributed decision making situation, such as political DD or DD enacted in a large organization.

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