Reputation and Incentives: March 4 2020

Call recording can be found here:

We discussed monetary incentives versus reputation incentives. Most of the real cases discussed showed that both reputation incentives and financial incentives tend to distort human behavior in unwanted and unpredicted ways.

We discussed a number of case studies where we had experience. Also discussed were questions about delegated voting, and whether we can prevent delegating voting from becoming a popularity contest.

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Wanted to participate in this call, but I was down in NY for some collabs with the Economic Space Agency, which is a project worth checking out btw! Intellectual powerhouses :brain:

I recently finished O’Reilly’s “Building Web Reputation Systems” and thought it had some insights that might be useful to this conversation. Farmer did a decent job breaking complex reputation systems into modular parts and talked about composing those tools into contextually appropriate reputation systems, touching on some of the notable systems, mistakes and lessons of Web2.

I took some summary notes that are by no means comprehensive, but thought some of the insights I jotted down might help others seeking more info on the topic:

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Also, I think the concept of liquid democracy (as opposed to direct democracy or representative democracy) deserves further discussion after watching the call, especially relating to contextualized reputation systems and webs of trust. I have been wanting to put out an article on the topic for a while, but it’s on the backburner list for the time being!

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It’s now on the list for April 1st. Are we fools for using delegated voting??? join the call April 1st to weigh in.