🦴 Online mastermind group calls software with AI facilitation #futureofwork


More work is shifting to remote because of more opportunities, less waste and even ecology. But most people feel that if you really need to do something you need to go to the meatspace. Often calls provide a frustrating experience with some people overusing their talking time, lack of clear problem/decision focus, going out of the topic and overtime etc. So how might we improve the facilitation with technology?

I managed and participated in ~10-20 online working groups-distributed teams. Through this work I’ve established some approach to facilitation and record-keeping but it’s a really time-consuming and exhaustive task. I’d like to have a software for better calls with automated agenda selection, record keeping, signaling, decision making and group matching. So we can improve the perceived efficiency and satisfaction of the remote group members.

Use cases

  • Mastermind groups
  • Dgov, Ethereum and any other network working groups
  • Open community calls
  • Meta org infrastructure


  • Mobile-first experience (+web version)
  • Agenda planning (with voting and t-shirt sizes)
  • Instant signalling to give feedback without interruption (also for listeners)


  • Psychological profiles built on tests and calls analysis + SSID e.g. 3box
  • Team composition score based on profiles & smart matching (getting the right people to talk on the right topics at the right time, based on vast data analysis.)


  • Appstore of facilitation formats (holacracy meetings, feedback rounds etc), visual representation of the flow
  • Great materials topics with timestamps to video, feedback and chat (+maybe speech recognition)
  • AI participant to notify on time suggest improvements etc (maxAI)
  • Decision making and interactive votings (Integration with loomio? show support level pir or bar)
  • Different facilitation presets: holacracy, fishbowl, scrum retrospective etc
  • Advanced analytics: topic, emotion recognition, brain scanning (emotiv), pulse, NLP/word analysis
  • Calendar, sessions planning
  • Parking lot for issues

To sign up for the beta test – leave a comment to this post

Goto Market

Existing software

  • Zoom ($20B market cap) – great infrastructure, ease of use, rooms
  • ezTalks Meetings.
  • GoToMeeting
  • Adobe Connect
  • Skype for Business
  • Google Hangouts
  • Webex


  • use software for calls in the product team and share it to promote
  • get public reviews of the product from experts

Research Questions

  1. What are most perspective personas and use cases (tactical meetings, retrospectives, webinars etc)
  2. How pressing are defined problems and how are they solved now (benefits and downsides)
  3. What are the sizes of the addressable markets?
  4. What features are needed first?

Months plan

  • November: collect 100 people on beta test, define priority scenarios


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Existing software:

  • Zoom ($20B market cap)
  • ezTalks Meetings.
  • GoToMeeting
  • Adobe Connect
  • Skype for Business
  • Google Hangouts
  • Webex

3 zoom benefits:

  • infrastructure
  • ease of use
  • rooms


Developing idea towards calls platform with plugins available for development and addition. E.g. paid calls in consulting, or youtube streaming integration etc.

Maybe built with https://jitsi.org/

Feedback from Francesca Pick (Enspiral, Genesis):

Interesting project. We have been talking for a while about how great it would be if zoom developed even more in the direction of being useful for online facilitation

Have you reached out to them? I see zoom as the clear leader in this space and my first step would be to understand whether that is a direction they intend to go in. Building something from scratch of that quality is surely not easy.

In terms of the pains you list, I don’t understand all of them, and I think several have pretty easy human solutions and don’t necessarily need features.

For instance, I recently learned how to do an online fishbowl very easily with zoom.

ps: getting someone from Zoom to give us advice would be a great idea. Anybody has connection?

Feedback from Lucas Tauil de Freitas (Enspiral)

Have you read Crossing the Chasm?
I strongly recommend it as a guide to how to think a new product.

The first question it invites is what is the pain it solves?
Is there a market niche it could dominate quick without disturbing a competitor with stronger position?
The pain the product solves has to be specific to the first niche it will attack. Ideally a pain not solved by the competition.

Added a small demo of first features: https://www.loom.com/share/53f82533333a4ddeb8e21fbd021e72b1

Got interest and positive feedback from Ela Kagel, Aeon Hochberg and Artem Serdyuk. Waiting for the beta test =) Added ideas to the backlog

I like the idea. I can see it can be done nicely in iterations — start with a basic tooling to assist meatbag facilitator and slowly transition to specialized AI. I’m interested to get involved in development and testing

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UI update: https://imgur.com/eJEL6DV