New Format Weekly #1 : Rin9s' Problem

Being the first one to test the new format, I’m uploading the topic for this week’s call here on the forum.
We will be reviewing a specific project with a specific problem, here is some background -


We are trying to build the technical infrastructure for DGov. That is the software modules people will use to set up DAOs.

Our focus is on helping Open Source Software projects to transform into DAOs, as they are natural candidates, both in their distributed structure, and historically, and of course ideologically.

Layer Model

We’ve chosen to identify 3 interconnected layers as the base framework to thinking about this problem -

  1. Control Layer - “the Board”. This layer controls adding and removing org. members, assigning roles, and any other strategic decision.

  2. Operational Layer - Implements the mechanisms of the DAO and enforces the decisions of layer 1. Compensation, advancement, responsibilities (permissions) etc.

Example: Board decides on adding a new team member and assigned a “developer role” as part of layer 1. The mechanisms and contract that make up the “developer role” such as compensation and permissions is configured on Layer 2

  1. Product Layer - Implements mechanisms for product roadmap, feature requests and product business decisions (pricing, distribution, branding, etc.). This layer is separate to allow for much wider participation and influence from the project’s community. This layer is optional.

Points for discussion

  1. How to find and choose suitable partners? What’s the hook?

  2. What would be the drivers and benefits of adoption?
    This can be the main discussion point. “Why do this?”.

  3. How can we encourage projects to take the leap?
    Our view atm is to “revolutionize recruitment” and allow the projects to transform slowly. I will elaborate on the call if fitting.

  4. Would it be a good idea to start with research? And How?
    What are the fields, disciplines and experts we should draw on and study to validate any of the power structures that can be suggested?

If we want to examine one theoretical point, it would be -
Can we and should we consider a hierarchy-less model of peer, community, and self review to automate operational aspects of DAOs?

Ideas for playing around with the format of the call itself -

Speed rounds:

  1. Does an endeavor require a single head or not?
  2. Do you prefer Ownership or Control?

Visual Communication

  1. When others are speaking, raise your right fist if you want to second their opinion. Your left, if you disagree.

I wonder if anyone but @Grace will read this :smile:

i believe grace’s recent article offers some of the most productive areas for DAO research and implementation in the near future