Money game workshop at web3 dgov node 20.08.2019

Governance, at its core, is the decision making that happens over shared assets. These assets are often in the form of money. We each carry our own story and baggage associated with money, but we rarely find a space to explore this relationship we each have to it. As we move into a world of governance mechanisms that involve collective budgeting and allocation of funds, understanding differing perspectives and relationships to money will help with complex governance.

There are so many norms and rules and beliefs about money that we all pick up, both from personal history and from the wider cultureā€”beliefs that are often unspoken and contradictory. Because money is not a polite topic of conversation, we rarely get to examine these.

This game is a fun way to break that silence. It is designed to jiggle some of the rigid ways we interact and shed light on patterns and unspoken assumptions.

The Money Game was invented by the Findhorn Community in the highlands of Scotland and has been played around the world as a way to help us think about and deconstruct our relationship with money.

Led by Phoebe Tickell, from Enspiral and DGOV, the game will help players uncover and explore the habits and unconscious beliefs that determine our relationship with money, learning through your own experience, your money and the interaction with the group.

This two-hour session must be booked in advance and is limited to the first 30 players to sign-up.

Come along for:

  • A better understanding of what money means to you personally
  • Insight into common narratives about money brought by other group members
  • A starting point for exploring your own deeply held money stories

Important things you must know before joining this session:

  • The Money game is a personal experience in a group setting. It is important that you are aware that you are fully responsible for your own experience within the game. Your experience is yours, your boundaries are yours, your needs are yours.
  • Be on time. Once the session starts, you will no longer be able to join.
  • IMPORTANT: You need to bring an amount of money in cash to play.* More info below:

Think about the amount to bring by choosing an amount you would feel comfortable letting go of, but you would also notice if you lost! Out of previous experiences, we know that taking a few minutes to feel into what this amount might be for you is essential to have a meaningful experience. People have played from $2 to more than $500.

  • Bring small bills, that makes it easier to play.
  • Bring a notebook and a pen to write your reflections during the game.

Biography - Phoebe Tickell
Complex systems thinker spreading new forms of governance better suited for a complex world. Participatory, dynamic and horizontal forms of governance. I train teams and organisations in practical decentralised governance and advise on DAO design. I build community at DGOV Foundation and Enspiral and teach as an Associate Lecturer at Schumacher College UK. I started Enspiral Org Academy.

Website: Twitter: @solarpunk_girl.