March-April Agenda

JOIN: Wednesdays 16:00-17:30 CET

March 11: Governance in the time of Pandemic: How might a future dGov change how we handle viral spread?

March 18: Transparency: what should and shouldn’t be transparent/ Tranparency vs. Efficiency

March 25: What should we govern II: Criteria for choosing use cases

April 1: Voting, liquid democracy and continuous voting.

April 8: Consensus, voting, consent: What types of decisions belong where?

April 15: Too slow! What can we do in DAOs today to speed up decision-making?

April 22: Identity vs. Anonymity

April 29: Proposal-making: collaboration vs competition and how to reach better proposals.

Hi Grace :wave:

id there a calendar invite i can be added to for these calls?

not necessary but if you send me your email to I will add youu.

Hello all, is the schedule time for this call still 1400 CET? I vaguely remember someone mentioning a change in time slots?


4 pm CET
It was moved.

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