Limits of digital coordination and Human systems with principles of nature

Part of DGov Council 2020
Host: Matthew Schutte, Aeon Hochberg

Topic, Main Questions

  • How complex can we coordinate with tech?
  • Do complex systems always have some external factors?
  • How far we need to step back -> step forward while integrating the wisdom from the past?
  • Human interaction/trust/exchange/organisations is too complex to measure and systemize
  • How to use bio-programs for interactions in groups (reciprocity -> gifts, social proof -> reliability)?

Agreements and convergence

  • Our mind of aiming for increasing the likelihood to survive let us build scalable, imortal, antifragile, constantly growing systems -> change expectations about -> integration
  • Acknowledging that there are constraints and limits in digital technical tools and solutions
  • Survival of the fitting
  • Our signals shape us -> our shapes are giving us signals (design <-> usage) build architecture <-> contextual governance
  • What about embodying, experience feedback loops

Disagreements and challenges

  • Just need to create some kind of space to evolve -> no need for expansion externally?
  • Will our evolved properties serve us well automatically to come up with the right ways to survive as a species?
  • Do we need to be more rich inside or increasing eg trading collaboration?
  • Is evolution bringing us to a more and more abstract level and bring us more and more out of balance with nature
  • Does fractal scaling work systematically? -> you cannot apply all over the world the same system -> contextual
  • Contextual governance design -> value to guide that? not one system for globe

Key learnings and conclusion

  • Panarchy
  • Feedback loops required
  • There is compression - losing information
  • Limits in tech