Jungian Archetypes: June 26

We discuss the application of Jungian archetypes and how they relate to organizational develop. We take a deep dive into how the dGov organization has expressed that, and what we can do to encompass more of the missing pieces.

16:12:52 From Grace Rachmany : https://forum.dgov.foundation/c/weekly-dgov-calls
16:13:39 From Grace Rachmany : The next 2 months of topics have been posted, let me know feedback. Also please send me new topics because that’s about all I’ve got for now.
16:13:50 From Grace Rachmany : https://forum.dgov.foundation/c/weekly-dgov-calls

16:15:42 From Grace Rachmany to Analua Dutka-Chirichetti(Privately) : If it’s not too hot where you are, I would appreciate if you put on a shawl or something a bit less revealing.
16:16:02 From Grace Rachmany to Analua Dutka-Chirichetti(Privately) : (I’m not picking on you, I actually had to ask a guy to put on a shirt in a call yesterday… it’s just a policy of non distraction.)
16:18:11 From Michal : and I’ll be walking around while listening so I’ll spare you all the shaky video :sweaty_smile:
16:45:06 From Martin Dow : @Thomas - I have had a journey, too :slight_smile:
16:53:26 From Michal : and if you could also mention again the last book, that’d be great
16:54:29 From Martin Dow : more is sometimes more
16:54:48 From thomas.cox@strongblock.io : Gareth Hill’s book is called “Masculine and Feminine”
16:55:19 From Michal : and the other one you mentioned? (i.e. the new book)
16:55:20 From Grace Rachmany : Code of Conduct
16:58:10 From Analua Dutka-Chirichetti to Grace Rachmany(Privately) : ill take care of this
16:58:25 From Grace Rachmany to Analua Dutka-Chirichetti(Privately) : Thank you.
16:58:49 From Michal : the last comment from Jillian makes me wonder about engagement and (not) taking upon invitations to collaborate
17:00:11 From Analua Dutka-Chirichetti to Grace Rachmany(Privately) : I came directly from outside. Wont’t happen again.
17:00:13 From Grace Rachmany : I feel like that philosophy/culture also tends to feel that “forking” is a decent, if not perfect, form of democracy.
17:00:15 From Michal : (i.e. how far to go to try to be inviting enough, or try to listen to everyone, vs. making a cutoff at some point [e.g. org size or maturity])
17:01:08 From Grace Rachmany to Analua Dutka-Chirichetti(Privately) : Thanks. It’s rough being a beautiful young woman— but someone has to do it. :slight_smile:
17:02:34 From Will Szal : https://medium.com/regen-network/punished-by-rewards-1a32ad1bc02e
17:02:44 From Grace Rachmany : Welcome Phalan, we are discussing how these architypes relate to specific organizations.
17:04:58 From thomas.cox@strongblock.io : To get the invitation to the Friday leadership coaching circle, please email me at “Thomas@eudae.biz” (my private leadership training org)
17:11:30 From thomas.cox@strongblock.io : What stands out for you from all that you’ve heard?
17:13:04 From Michael Linton : cat herding comes with problem
17:13:05 From Grace Rachmany : I noticed that for myself I found it hard to even look at the downside of the Masculine Dynamic. I see my own resistance to looking at the shadow side.
17:14:40 From Grace Rachmany to thomas.cox@strongblock.io(Privately) : The Dynamic shadow is missing
17:14:57 From thomas.cox@strongblock.io to Grace Rachmany(Privately) : Oops! Thanks
17:19:42 From Grace Rachmany : I do need to finish on time… I have a call in 10 minutes.
17:19:45 From Phalan Morelife : what is the collective dynamic masculine doing? …Has this group been ideating on a collective call tho action
17:21:32 From Grace Rachmany : In addition to continuing this calls, we are initiating a co-governed summit/conference.
17:21:41 From Michal : thanks for the info Grace and all the work much appreciated: )
17:21:54 From Will Szal : https://animas.org/books/wild-mind-a-field-guide-to-the-human-psyche/
17:26:35 From Michael Linton : The Bone People. “But all together, they have become the heart and muscles and mind of something perilous and new, something strange and growing and great. Together, all together, they are the instruments of change.”