July-August Agenda/Topics

Join Wednesdays 16:00-17:30 Central European Time

  • July 1: The Experiment: What should we implement right now for our experimental dGov conference/summit?

  • July 8: Group measures versus individualistic measures: what would a less individualistic economy look like?

  • July 15: Distributed governance: What agreements do we need between distributed communities

  • July 22: Stages of an organization: moving from dictatorship/oligarchy to DAO or decentralized structures

  • July 29: What are you working on? Presentation of guest speaker or participant with our own materials.

  • August 5: Autonomous: What does it mean? Autonomous from people or autonomous from other distributed entities?

  • August 12: Free riders and rent seeking. How to deal with greed in a DAO/decentralized system

  • August 19: Execution and accountability. How would a decentralized organization implement accountability?

  • August 26: How is the Experiment going? What projects are you working on, or a guest.

  • September 2: Rituals, ceremonies and shared mythologies: keeping a non-religious culture cohesive

  • September 9: Territory and land sovereignty: forms of “ownership” of distributed organizations

great to have the list. Thanks. By any chance, is there a google invitation to mark this down?

The calendar is on the main dgov.network page or you can send me your email to grace@daoleadership.com and I can send you an invitation.