How to shift into Game B?

by Aeon Hochberg

  • Create intermediate areas/Twilight zones (Game B Communities, portals -> free market, interfaces for interaction)
  • Finding the right nishes (personal evolution, facing complexity, information management, facilitation, workshops, …) to sustain while developing the Game B communities
Game A Game B
Win-lose Win-win
Competition and customer focus Collaboration, creating networks, cohesion
Ignorance and isolation Collective intelligence
Strict hierarchies Contextual leadership
ingroup-outgroup Collective identification
cost-outcome/income ratio, shallow relationships Trust (in emergence) and deep relationships
Equality, norms, standards, single truth Celebrating diversity (knowledge, culture, gender, narrative, perspective, experience, education, background)
Design and build the best system Contextual governance, bottom up emergence
Govern humans through incentives and game design Govern society through mature human interaction
Artificial scarcity to increase value of personal property Empowering others, sharing resources to increase the potential and more peaceful interaction
Exploit human biases for individual interests Use our bio-programs to build strong connections
Immortal and resilient structures, constantly lllgrowing Accept the rhythm in everything, birth-death, summer-winter and celebrate it, self-healing
Dead animals and plants have the most value, selling them Living trees are valuable commons, what can we learn while observing animals and protect them
Tragedy of the commons - no process to care for air/atmosphere, oceans, climate Stronger connection to this part of our life, managing commons
Donut dilemma - need to build an increasingly sweeter fassade to be a personality
  • Big network - shallow relationships

  • Consumption and property to feel more and more satisfied and complete

  • Midlife crisis (meaning crisis, burnout)

  • Escape from owned bubble

  • Not integrated shadows , traumas|Electric magnet - strong iron core, extra winding in coil to increase strength and attraction

  • Strong close community

  • Self-actualization

  • Live more direct - not abstracting away from reality through intellectual constructs

  • Navigate through multiple realities and build spaces to create new worlds to explore life differently

  • Fill the inner room, don’t fear the silence, find truth inside|

Hi Max!
Thank you for sharing. I hope to connect Aeon and the broader DGOV Community ( as far as interested - overlapping interests exist) with the GameB community.
Of course there is not yet a coherent Game B Community - but there are still things that can be done.

The Following people contributed some discussions:

So then I “found” Nick, we had a brief talk but I missed their next Game B Coffee Session.

Game B is such a difficult topic because it seems so meta at times and we want to have clear perceptions, in the sense making community and in general. I had a very short online circling session with Guy and he is such an amazing Guy (ha!). It seems he and Vervaeke are making enormous progress on the discussion meta level. But I wish we could bring some of that meta practice towards the activism and tech community. I think Guy and John would collaborate with our effort if we can formulate a tangible problem-activism space with them.
I hope to find a space and time with Aeon, Nick, Max(?) and any other interested in pushing this forward.

Greetings Andreas