How to get good problem definition in a DAO?

Part of DGov Council 2020
Host: @Grace Rachmany
Topic, Main Questions

  • What should a (problem) definition include?
  • How do we create a good/optimal problem definition?

Agreements and convergence

  • Who is “in the room” determines the problem definition outcome
  • Different DAOs will have different inclusion criteria

Disagreements and challenges

  • What is a DAO and who should be in it?

Key learnings and conclusion

  • Come up with a rough sketch of what goes into a good problem definition
    • Description
    • Measures of success
    • Who should be able to propose/deliberate?
    • Time/Urgency
    • Budget
    • Context/motivation: Background/why
    • Population/systems affected
    • Consensus/Voting mechanisms
  1. Who it affects

  2. Having them represented

  3. Including hypothetical solutions

  4. Who should be in the room?

  5. Surveys promoting participation

  6. Forum upvoting

  7. Wikipedia type upvoting

  8. Underscore protocol

  9. Evidence facts

  10. Kialo

  11. Approved moderators

  12. Iterative process: vote on alternatives

  13. Weighting

  14. Representative Population