Group Measures vs. Individual Measures

July 8
How can we rethink measurements to become group measures? Even when you work for a company–the company’s profit are an outcome of your work but there is no correlation between your individual measures and that profit measure. No connection between GDP and your individual income. This creates misalignment. If we are thinking about reducing carbon footprint, for example, having the group know the group measure would create mutual accountability. What would this look like in real life?

Discussion recording:

16:25:00 From Rieki Cordon :

A more integral method for quantifying various forms of capital as a foundation to measure.
16:26:56 From to Grace Rachmany(Privately) : Can you make me co-host?
16:29:25 From Victor E : Thomas, can you share the book here?
16:29:40 From Victor E : I really want to read it, also from by own background in the history of science
16:29:56 From :

16:32:17 From Grace Rachmany : I totally agree with Runy-- this is why I think we should be measuring those basic things for the society rather than the GDP
16:36:16 From Grace Rachmany : It’s interesting the phrase “give up”. Some things, like a cookie, is something you give, and some things, like a hug, aren’t things that you “give up”
16:36:56 From : July 8: Group measures versus individualistic measures: what would a less individualistic economy look like?
16:37:38 From Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : Without money, how’d we trace resources?
16:38:02 From Grace Rachmany : In what way does money actually trace resources?
16:39:12 From Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : Good question. We denominate resources in monetary numbers for exchange purposes?..
16:40:11 From Grace Rachmany : Right, but it doesn’t trace resources or the real value, like as Rieki was saying. If you blow up a mountain and employ low-cost workers, the money completely loses any representation of what happened.
16:40:50 From Martin Dow :,_events,agents(accounting_model)

  • modelling and tracing , accounting -
    16:41:05 From Martin Dow : … but not valuing :slight_smile:
    16:43:42 From Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : Rather than tracing, isn’t that a proper valuation question the one about accurate remuneration for the low-cost workers employed?
    16:43:49 From Sharyn Yau : Can we have a poll and see if how many ppl prefer a less individualistic economy and lean towards group meansures?
    16:44:32 From Victor E : This is an incredibly interesting question
    16:44:42 From Grace Rachmany : Ohlone Way
    Book by Malcolm Margolin
    16:45:25 From Lauren Nignon : Check out this guy….he’s doing some fascinating work around value.örn-hargens-51a7486/. His thing is called “MetaIntegral”
    16:47:13 From : Grace is touching on the difference between small-group interactions vs ‘extended order’ or transactional interactions

16:55:24 From Victor E : It was a great pleasure to attend again, learned a lot actually!
17:00:32 From Runy Calmera : in a society with no money you will see the true value of things
17:01:11 From Sharyn Yau : Can’t agree more Runy!
17:01:55 From Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : Does money corrupt/hide the true value of things?..
17:07:08 From Grace Rachmany : Yes. You can sell your Olympic gold medal, but that doesn’t make the buyer a gold medalist.

17:19:31 From Grace Rachmany :
17:22:07 From Grace Rachmany : Next week’s topic: July 15: Distributed governance: What agreements do we need between distributed communities

17:24:30 From Grace Rachmany : We can all become hippies!
17:29:14 From Martin Dow : @Grace - are you thinking of decentralising the hippiverse?
17:29:24 From Grace Rachmany : LOL

two things

1: starting to create more objective values for different types of labor (ie a set of social value equations) could connect/correlate individual labor/effort/output to the group output (profit, gdp, etc)

2: methods for life cycle analysis and calculating embodied energy, etc and other measures already exist to measure externalities — simply applying their already existing ones plus imagining more…

… more certifications like non-gmo could be a business idea to give indications of these measures and of course it could always get more in depth depending on how simplified the measures could be made to appeal to the average citizen