Education: How to buidl DAOs, Digital or Crypto Commons

Through the work in DGOV Foundation, DAO incubator and Commons Stack I’ve felt the need to collect the knowledge on building these new types of networked organizations (commons, DAOs, digital guilds etc).

Here’s, for example, the topics people requested when applying to the DAO incubator:

  • Raising funds ++++++++++++++
  • Engineering/Technical/Development expertise ++++++++++++
  • Legal, linking with existing entities +++++++
  • Tokenomics / Economics / Concept (e.g. building circular economy, economic attacks) ++++
  • Governance, work with followers, team, PR ++++
  • Usability ++

Am thinking about creating/updating/extending some knowledge base (wiki, book, mentorship program, mastermind group) for anybody who’s looking to start DAO or digital/crypto commons.

Some existent works in this direction was done:

  • DAO stack books & forum, extensive Genesis research
  • Aragon researches on Tokenomics
  • Griff Green, Common Stack team – lots of work since the DAO itsefl
  • – Grace, Pedro & Max
  • Peter Pan, Ameen work within Moloch/Metacartel
  • Orgtech review by Jack & Phil
  • Let me know if i forget someone, will add
  • Several master thesis papers on DAOs (will add a bit later)
  • Taxonomy of DAOs by Kei Kreutler & Yalda Mousavinia
  • Ela work within Supermarkt
  • Fran workshops

Related forum topics:

Let’s discuss the needs, what works and doesn’t work now. How we reach more people, improve the process of learning etc.


Great idea, I think it could be something like this:

Overall, DAOdesign could follow the steps of Token Engineering in its evolving scaffolding.