DGOV Retreat Slovenia

Summary: We’re retreating into nature (a rural mountain range in Slovenia) to xplore new forms of governance in theory and practice for 3 full days. We do this in the context of the current time of existential risks and aiming for a future of human flourishing and life-sustaining society. See important links below.

Dates: September 19-23, 2019
Location: Slovenia, Hotel Jakec

Design: We come together in a small group (limited to 23 guests and the core DGOV team) to share our understanding of complex governance systems and it’s requirements.
You are encouraged to help co-designing the experience and lead working sessions in our open space, share skills such as yoga or meditation or other community activities.

There will be spacious time for working in working groups, developing ideas and learning from others. With a mix of technical and non-technical people, young and old, some with many years of experience in governance and others newer to the community, we will iterate on ideas and how to spawn new governance models.


We are still seeking sponsorship for the DGOV Retreat. This sponsorship could help us to fund video harvesting, interviews and the sponsorship of Scholarship. If you are interested please see our proposed sponsorship packages here.

You will soon be notified about the details of the schedule.

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The Google Drive links are no longer valid.

I’m working on the business plan and sales pipeline for the BaseX island.

Of course I’d love to host you, see this issue: https://github.com/basexisland/sales/issues/4

How much did you pay the last time?

I’m 100% into new models of governance, at the same time DAO are slow to move. Previously I called myself “Island DAO” but running all the decisions through vote in a fast moving environment was MEH… :pray: