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DGOV updates presentation


Edgeryders & Tribalism

Edgeryders – Trying to bring people from other spheres who work on decentralization. We’re a discourse forum with a bunch of research projects, also NGO registered in Estonia. Project “Internet if humans”. We’ll have 2 offline events in Stockholm & Brussels. You tell your story we transcribe into the article. We have proposal writer sprints for grants.

Was on the conf https://dtn.is/ – would be nice to bridge 2 worlds. They feel they blockchain is just the subset of things they talk about, and taking too much attention. Like IPFS goal is to sync data between Mars and Earth.

These problems are hard and ambitious. Problems solved in blockchain can seem trivial.

Blockchain was used a fin disruptor, but then we had the era of ICO, scams etc, so clear why it has such reputation.

Beyond us project

Revolutionizing philanthropy with the specific program stages. Even if it fails it will generate value. Need $300k to in invest in 5-8 activists who are really in the line of fire. I’m from Brazil and know a lot of real stories of real kills of activists. We can find and teach them with blockchain.

Production bible – is when you build a TV show, describing the galaxy of the show. I’ll make a documentary to make them more visible. Maria Lefranco – was born in favela, made use of every tech education she can and created Straight Talk to denounce police brutality through WhatsApp. It became really successful. She ran for office, black, bisexual mother. She was killed, probably become of us.

Tell this story forward. Netflix will gonna follow. Then we’ll onboard the on the DAO. Tell me (Felipe Duarte) feedback, what’s not working, i’ll buy you coffee.

Decision of DGOV forming the DAO

Who is running the events, funds etc. Curious of the learnings. Was one of the outcomes of the councils. Private company was doing the risky work, that’s when we’ve started to think about lean/decentralized entity (maybe DAO)

DAO now can’t pay in legal / acceptable ways. First i’ve heard from Primavera from COALA’s that solution is in having the partner who will pay the bills. Open Collective uses it as well, and other edge. We need to outline the use cases that can work today, like stablecoins. The risk problem isn’t resolved yet. We’ll have partners to take risk for that.

Maybe it can enhance the quality of events, for group that want to share the costs and work on raising. Maybe use smth like cobudget.

Community can raise and answer the questions. We’d like to provide the infrastructure. We know all those people and build trusts on the human level. That’s not the problem we’re trying to resolve.

There’a software platform – ATOPO, that enables all the tools for budgeting, tickets, tasks etc from Enspiral that helps setting events. How simple DAOs we have now can be combined/compared?

We can’t really go to the strength of the platforms. Potential problem blockchain is solving is the operations on global scale. We need to look into the strengths. Many problems blockchain has – because it’s not mature enough. It can work without the digital identity. We can fin more fulfillment if we can mature the tech. It’s mostly the prototyping.

It’s ideological cause it’s something we want to see. The power of DAOs is to reveal the enthusiasm existent in the corps. It’s emergent thing, bottom up.

How many of 150 we can identify now? When we’ve started we had 50 people in the council. We can even go to 250 people, some orgs are multiplicators. Important is that processes are inside. Obviously Aragon, DAO Stack, Web3 etc trying to solve this problem. We can’t expose. We can do in Germany anonymous voting, but we don’t have ID.

What is the unique contribution blockchain or DAO can do to the dgov? Secure transaction. Some problems were solved with tech like voting and cobudgeting. Specifically blockchain brings assets, but what work had been done on researching on how it affects the governance. High resilience from outages (like wars). Even if you loose everything your college degree can be stored on the blockchain safely. We want to have track record.

We had a cooperative and government system was going through the email. This will showcase how we can collaborate in the future and build cooperatives. Voting on email sucks. We educate now people on using Aragon, Metamask etc. If old ways will become better we’ll leverage quite fast. So many steps to take before that time. It’s easy to know the risks i’m taking, being around for a while, but rest of the world doesn’t know. They prefer google docs, and some even don’t know that.

Max – DAO Funding strategy

DAO incubator: goal is to take more successful Dao experiments

There will be a DAO crash test where people will tell what might go wrong and how we might improve.

Some of the DAOs are in the early stages, some are already on the main-net.

Most interesting things are legal and funding. An idea that is likely to fail as it is not proven yet, unproven, the main guess was a VC as the main asset, income. People are usually reluctant to VC as those are the ‘’bad people’’ and take too much % of the firm.

But there are learning mechanisms, ICO, STO, EIO, Equity?

ICOs are costly $200-250k. Sometime can be cheap. For every DAO there’re opps every company have. It’s just a blockchain company. There’s a big difference in what DAO definition is. There’s no different relationships.

Getting rid of a Gmbh - still need to set up a foundation in Switzerland, because there needs to be an accountability for liability of all the members.

You cannot just create a DAO and it will be a successful avoidance of all legal liabilities and what type of a legal entity are you setting up.

The purpose foundation – can help, taking just 1% for decision making purpose preservation. Based in Berlin and SF.

Ok, who wants to invest in DAOs?

Question is what are unique finding options for this DAO. Would be interested in maybe expanding the questions.

Self Sovereign Identity (SSID)

We have hundred of IDs now, like email, scattered. Didn’t know what it meant but they are owned by the corps out there. The whole ideas of self sovereign identity (SSID) – allows you to control your identity. The problem we have now on blockchain – multiple account per person. We can’t tackle it without the link to the reality. Distributed registries (who can knowledge my identify) prototypes are there.

Gmail is my basic identity on the internet I can use to recover all else. We tend no to remove it but augment it. Which risk profile do you want.

I understand how we can add new IDs can be added. If we can find the way to work with governmental data – we can build on top.

Is this something you’re working on or interested in? Looking into it cause we can’t move forward. Have connection, but not working on it.

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