#dgov meetup Amsterdam Apr 17


Topic raised

Location: primal base
Partners & sponsors: blockchain talks, effect.ai

Lighting Talks

Augmented Bonding Curves Talk

Inspiring stuff – on the Odyssey hackathon we were part of Giveth, working on the Commons Stack. We do not have properly funded commons. Class of existent property and infascructure which is poortly managed. The vision is to build a set of DAOs to fund the commons, incentivize collaborators and investors to increase the return, slow down the exit and a small tax to fund the commons.

Bonding curves are automatic market makers for the tokens. We planned to use automated simulations –more/less aggressive, greedy investors etc.

We divide the contributors into 2 types: early and after the hatch. First, are the soul of the system, they get a big stake. After the limit is reached – it’s opened for external investors. But investors cant dump, in order to put the tokens in the curve you need to allocate and spend funds through the DAO. Every contributor has a very strong incentive to make the project do the mission statements. You’re guaranteed a return if the DAO that manages the fund does the job/mission statement. Every time you want to sell to the curve,

The pool must be spent. Every time you buy and sell – tax is added as friction. Concept resourced, leadership from Abbey. More info

Outcomes of the meeting

  • Understanding that people work on the same problems
  • Hearing perspectives and dynamics understanding
  • The discussion on whether the fund should come before or after
  • Augmented Bonding Curves idea
  • DAO incubators program
  • Learning: before telling more to people interested in the project - ask what do they think you do
  • DAOs needs to be based on intrinsic motivation
  • New people and connections in the space
  • The pleasure from coming to understanding with strangers on really abstract topics
  • Good Coffee =)

What can be improved

  • Setup DAO
  • More collaboration
  • More frequent meetings
  • Predetermined topics

Is funds distribution the main DAO use case?
Science Fiction on the DAOs
Teaching & Learning Soft Governance