DGov: Decentralised Government Project Experiment

Hi guys,

We’re starting DGov1 a decentralised government experiment, with democratic treasury to fund projects to build the decentrliased DGov ecosystem of the new decentralised web. The tools avaialble now are awesome, i would love to demostrate to you what can be done with DAOs and blockchain tools, user friendly decentralised government, with proposals, voting, referenda and treasuries decisions all made on-chain, and very difficult to break!

Come and participate and be a member and join the council. We will be applying strong social and political narratives to this community, to show the world the tools available to organise in a system with democracy is baked into the foundations, rather than have to accept centralised government where democracy is just a facade.

Here is an intro article:

This is our discord, please come participate and share your wisdoms and motivation.

Kind regards,

Ramsey Ajram
DGov1 - Decentration confederation council project founder.

Greetings! I am just connecting with the #dgov forum for the first time. I have been working on similar principles independently, some of which is documented at https://starfleet.wiki - we also have a Discord. The D-Gov Discord invite here appears to be expired - is there an extant community still?

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hey @cmdrmoto, here’s a link to the discord: https://discord.gg/tNu7hDfqUc