DGov Council 2020: Jan 24-26, Berlin

Date & Location: 24-26 January 2020, Berlin, Full node

DGov council is a community event for the #dgov activists: community builders, DAO members & practitioners, governance or blockchain researchers, entrepreneur & founders. This year topic is “Creating Human-Centric and Scalable Governance Systems”.

Some of topics discussed


“It’s low stakes (…) the adoption is low. There are no critical applications yet.”

“Finding safe space for collaboration.”

“Make it last.”

“Embrace not having control.”

“Space being held collectively.”

“Poll-centric adaptive system designs.”

“You can’t design a complex system’s outcome but you can define its principles.”

“The new organizations seeming to build new systems are looking for money inside the existing broken system then are trying to fix.”

Tasks for the council

  • Build social connections
  • Learn more about the space
  • Sharing common tensions / frustrations
  • Identifying important projects
  • Receive support in raising funds
  • Feeling part of the family/gossiping
  • Contribute to the big vision/cause
  • Present your work
  • Understand how other people see dgov

Agenda & Plans

  • Open Space topic selection & discussion
  • Present your work via lightning session & feedback on them
  • Assembling #dgov report: promotion of people, projects & topics
  • Setting interviews
  • Meditation & yoga sessions
  • Governance Games (this time for real!)
  • Breaking the ice (connection building session)
  • Break out & chill areas
  • Deals over dinner
  • Inspiration session dragon dreaming, planning for 2020
  • Platform Canvas Workshop
  • Collaborative map: what’s dgov, where’s my project & vision poster

Will Do’s

  • Cool t-shirts, stickers, gifts & other swag
  • Project list + subscribe to support the projects
  • Clear roles
  • Harvesting walls during the council
  • Outcome / Meaningful takeaways
  • Cool people & connections from various fields
  • Make/create my sessions
  • Culture of Feedback
  • Welcoming & caring environment
  • Open voting on sessions
  • Nice food
  • Visibility for your work
  • Inspiration
  • New partners for projects

Will Avoid

  • Early morning start
  • Too much lingo and buzzwords
  • Spending time for non-valuable activities
  • Unclear outcomes, poor faciitation / guidance
  • Few leaders talking most of the time
  • Shyness

Who’s coming*

*based on registrations


Please fill this form to give inspiration and an overview how you can contribute to this event (e.g. lightning talk, hosting a session, expertise, organisational help).

All tickets are already discounted by 50% - Thanks to the generous support of Tezos Foundation!

There are three different ticket types. The 126.72€ option on request is a 50% sponsored ticket, the 252.27€ is regularly covering the basic costs and the 377.81€ ticket will support one of the 50% tickets to lower the entry barrier for one community member.

Please attend for the full period of time, there will be no discount if anyone is not able to attend the full time. VAT and Eventbrite fee is not included.

You are warmly invited to join our community calls and planned working sessions.
See videos from the last council

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(personal perspective by Aeon Hochberg)

  • We came from designing systems to seeking for principles - Don’t make the same mistakes like in history (Top down installation of “better” systems, finding the right constitution and methods)

  • Chicken egg problem in creating dgov systems:

    • How to create dgov systems in an integer way without having them?
  • So far the right tech tools/Blockchain tools aren’t matured

    • SSI
    • DStorage
    • Scalable transaction infrastructure
    • Stuck in development of infrastructure governance
    • Censorship resistant social Networks
    • DAOs themselves are no viable governance systems, mostly provide simple voting systems
    • Legal regulations didn’t really evolve/bridges not there yet
    • One step back and look for different ways to explore governance innovation
  • Human operating systems need to mature -> atomic units in complex systems

    • Would that mean that we need to be self aware and open to deeply change our current behaviour patterns, if we want to be forerunner in governance innovation? (nutrition, meditation routine, exercise, mental training, installing feedback loops within our peer groups, abstain from consuming certain input from media)
    • Integrity, practice what we preach, Embodiment and experience plus cognition not only intellectualizing and conceptualizing or writing papers like this;)
  • Tech Infrastructure for society operating systems

    • allow for censorship resistant communication
    • use open modular toolkits for gov functions
    • Digital space for gov innovation in combination with real world interactions
    • Awareness for the limitations of digital signals and problems+advantages of information compression
  • With the current Principles we cannot solve the problems that emerged from even this behaviour in the past

    • Incentive design
    • Building and designing the perfect system
    • Facing problems like climate change with panic and action bias and thinking again about taking actions for a certain designed outcomes without evolving our personalities on a deeper level
  • Looking again to principles of nature

    • Fractal -> self similarity of different layers
    • Dual -> acknowledging diversity instead of making equal
    • Everyone a DGOV ambassador -> spread the idea and run events or other activities self organized
  • Tell the stories of new narrative

    • The world we want to live in
    • Breaking out of what we think is reality at the moment, challenging the consent of what needs to be done, is possible, scientific, life is about

Hugs from your DGov team: Tim, Max, Ela, Anja, Phoebe, Aeon.

Link to the mural https://app.mural.co/t/seductive4559/m/seductive4559/1572604439954/8475f88d12ee1dc83ebd70fca299b11a200dbebd (pls treat with care)

Comment from anonymous user:

Identification: There are a couple of considerations around identification which I think is handled in an uncomfortable way. We should have a self-sovereign identity solution that allows us to be identified, and some kind of dApp on top of that so we can understand people’s contributions and competencies. Right now it’s very random. Two results that I have noticed is that people do not have “status” in the organization. You called people “activists” which is a kind of a generic label. The membranes for membership/participation are unclear and nobody really knows how you become a different type of member/fellow/activist. There’s no procedure or reputation or number of points. For a healthy organization, there should be clarity around these things. If someone has good rankings as a speaker, for example, that should be something that is known and it’s not an opaque political invisible process who does and doesn’t get a lightning talk, for example.

The second problem is around identity and privacy. I feel that as a participant I have no privacy and my data is used wherever dGov wants to use my data. For example, if someone makes a mindmap of the participation of people in different organization, my full real name appears there and nobody asks me or even informs me that my data is being used.

It is ironic that dGov, which claims to be against privacy violations, centralized power structure, and opaque decision-making, has chosen to implement these procedures internally. Oh, look, I’m not allowed to use an anonymous posting here. LOL

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Thanks for the feedback. It will be included in the thought process.

On the map – it’s based on the public information (e.g. the person is listed on the website or mentioned in the public talk etc). If something is not right there – i can resolve this. I can also remove people if they don’t like to be on the map. Sorry if it was uncomfortable.

Regarding the centralization, please understand we’re the hostages as well =) dgov style organization is many times more complex and time-consuming, and we’re trying it, sometimes with no success. We’re committed to improving that in the future.

Please see the thread on SSI for the DGOV network… more posts coming on that.

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Cool, are you coming by the way?

Yes please Max! Sorry about the delay in reply. Please see the topic suggestions in my application.

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Hope it’s not too late. It would be great to see you all.

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Hi all. Good luck with the event next week! I proposed a topic on self sovereign identity in the topic suggestion forms - I don’t know if you received them or have any comments?

Meanwhile, if there is any interest in SSI for the #DGOV community, it’s perhaps worth a mention that the cooperative music sector is attempting to do something ethical with help from EU LEDGER bid:

Resonate.is has proposed a project on a less centralised and privacy-respecting approach to identity which has a lot in common with another post on this forum. It might perhaps be possible for DGOV and Resonate / Creative Passport to work together?

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