Dgov council #2

Date & Location: ~January 2020, Europe
Duration: minimum 2.5 days starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday 4/5pm


  1. Support the production of knowledge for the dgov researchers by Max
  • Outline problems to work on
  • Self curated topics & groups – put all questions and proposals you have, we’ll vote
  1. Provide (Ensure) sustainable participation for contributors (fund the facilitation, trip costs etc) by Phoebe
  • All contributors should come to event for free
  1. Support collaboration and communication for industry leaders by Ela
  2. Build awareness & integration for external communities by Anja

Let’s collaborate – feel free to add/change what you need: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jaqm-Cf5JIpNs8rz4HLABuTuSL7Bc63o1AoFO6ffVCs/edit#heading=h.w9g22fpf6hei