Decision making responsibility


One of the big problems in governance systems (nation states for example) is that decision-makers are largely shielded from the negative consequences of their decision.



The immunity however is limited. They are shielded to the extend that fits the will of community. If they surpass communities interests the greatest consequence is they loose their seat at the table and are no longer a (direct) decision maker. If you impose responsibility, there will be 0 people making a decision. We’ve tested that couple of times. People with higher threshold of awareness to what task they can perform are usually reluctant to taking a leadership position and thus become a decision-maker.

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Futarchy is interesting but do we want the biggest daos out there to make decisions based on future revenue? Makes sense at this early stage but in the future promotes search for short term gains that have made corporations so destructive

Re: I didn’t mean so much that the objective function is profit maximization, just that the people who pick the “wrong” answer suffer some negative consequence. In the case of Futarchy markets, losing the money placed in the bet.

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