DAOs, information and proposals

Part of DGov Council 2020
Host: Angela Kreitenweis

Topic, Main Questions

  • Starting context -> Gitcoin grants, lots of opinions, little engagements and funding
  • Amount, quantity, shape, channel for information?

Agreements and convergence

  • DAOStack’s system is an example of multiple issues
  • There are multiple stakeholders and their interests create complexities and trade-offs
  • Managing is very different than managing the community (which constitutes the organisation)

Disagreements and challenges

  • Signaling should be constant, i.e. staking proposals
  • Multi channel extensive communications vs. highly curated communications

Key learnings and conclusion

  • There are different failures of [ways] of participation -> and it’s hard to tell… (what’s the real reason)
  • It’s not only about info and proposal but also trust, cognitive issues etc.
  • Misalignment of incentives (or lack of clear purpose) is a common culprit