DAOIncubator discussions

DAOIncubator is basically an expertise & funding center created to produce more successful DAO pilots, through research, experiments and incubation.

We’ve launched a series of calls around building a DAOincubator. The first project in review is Trojan DAO, which aims at the reformation of local art value chains based in Athens, Greece, using a new and experimental blockchain-based primitive – the token bonding curve – as community fund to empower and sustain artistic and cultural production. You can find more info on https://daoincubator.org/ and https://ecosystem.daoincubator.org/meta/

This is a request for comment – please share your questions, ideas and so on.

Hi! Please update the 2nd link to https://ecosystem.daoincubator.org/meta/ and change “DAO Incubator” to DAOincubator ::]

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done, thanks Pedro =)

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