DAO Crash Test #3 Report

Online workshop “DAO Crash Test”, based on the ritual dissent technique to spawn more idess, support and improve DAO concepts, Aragon Nest, Flock and Governance Proposals.

This the 3rd workshop of this format (find reports first and second here). This time we’ll be focusing on the Aragon ecosystem and having a special guest – Luke Duncan (@lkngtn) researcher and core contributor.

Date: 28.06.2019, 12PM UTC, 2PM (Berlin, GMT+2)
Place: Online (zoom)


  • Cem: awesome, impressed with the method. Requirements for the ideas ti be formated. Some ideas are too generic to be criticised
  • Ivan: revert to the model where switch was manual. Was great, should be automated
  • Phil: cool, despite the fact that room switching was terrifying. Had another experience as a participant, this time it was as a spokeperson, like it too. Would be useful to have some exposure to the concept before the pitch, maybe under a written form.
  • Francesco: 2 sentences maybe. Very cool, the only critic with the round – create a new table to know if we’re on the right one
  • Luke: i’ve never done smth like this. Format was cool, but confusing online. In person first would be helpful. Don’t know how to that. Isolating was confusing. Separation was really cool for exploring the ideas. Idea spokespeople was good
  • Gus: person i’ve told the ideas – was confused, not sure why. So not sure got any value.
  • Zefram: like the format. Spokesperson is pretty cool. Format is too time constricted. Didn’t had enough time to understand the concept. Having it beforehand would be nice
  • Min Si: agree. Room switching is confusim. Overall primary share can be helpful/

Meeting notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XQBfKNny3_jD1ZU5Qa44Kfofn1VwdWUoLKq0hS-XFgk/edit#