DAO Crash Test #2 Report


Participants: Max Semenchuk, Adam Reese, Haythem Sellami, Marko Prljic (presents the idea)

Ad-hoc idea after the blocksplit conference. The problem is there are gonna be more and more DAOs, local initiative people would be part of. Problem – you don’t have a noverview about what’s happening in your organization.

Watch dao is a a hub to be well informed about all activities. Can be part of many organizations. There you have overvirew of all your organizations. You can have ability to delegate your votes to the experts. Central hub where you can manage all your DAOs. I’m the UX designer and know there’s a lot of issues technically. Know it can be difficult to integrate, bridge for all DAOs.


Can be an ecosystem to explore? Can expand to more, like Kleros

Mobile? Yes

Dissent Round

  • Difficult building a single platform that integrates with different DAO’s
  • Different DAO&s will have different parameters and actions in order to interact with them
  • Once DAO’s are capable of complex action it’s going to be even harder (MAIN ROADBLOCK)
  • 5-10 yr ahead it could be only a couple of organizations you might be a member of, does that validate the concept?
  • DOA’s will be constantly changing and updating code, it will be hard to keep track and compatible with the Watchdaoer concept
  • UI could also be a problem, how to interact with so many different organizations, how should be UI unified?

Assent Round

  • Ultimate DAO interface, valuable at the level to inspire all the protocols to what could be a standard we can work towards
  • Even building the concept prototype can be valuable to the industry
  • Wouldn’t it be nice where all your decisions and voting can be sent, viewed so you don’t miss them
  • Just getting easier voting participation, nice notifications, vote in bunches, delegate votes
  • If a member of 15 DAO’s it would be very useful to have an app/place to easily manage stuff
  • If we can get out something that covers just the basics of different protocols that would be amazing
  • Analytics, stats, information for some specific DAO that can be valuable for the whole industry
  • Common specification to develop DAO’s, something that can interact with multiple DAO’s at the time.


  • Good to know negative points
  • Wasn’t aware about the inetgration problems, wanted to start with the prototype
  • Pushed the whole industry towards something unified
  • Main focus point is user experience, setting compatitability standards
  • Delegetating voting and notification we thought of before
  • Even “just the voting part would be useful” was a useful idea
  • Was thinking how we can make proposals more understandable
  • The proposal should be 1 paragraph

Workshop Feedback

  • Invite through dgov email base
  • Call was great, am going to use it for my workshops
  • Was interested to do it with 1 project to think more about it, the proposal was interesting
  • Would love a longer offline workshop (probably on web3 conf)