👉 Council #2 Planning – need your help

Hey fam,
we’re planning the next council, let’s discuss and brainstorm the general topic. Of course we’ll have a diverse agenda, but want to setup the main frame to guide us. Here’re our drafts till the moment:

  • “The Vision of Holistic Governance in a global context”
  • “Shared Vision of creating human centric and sustainable governance systems”
  • “The Journey of Distributed Governance”
  • “Human centric distributed governance.”
  • “Better decision making in self-organised groups.”
  • “The future of scalable and wise decision making.”

Please provide your feedback and ideas about the topic.

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I love the initiative and I’m looking forward to that. IMHO the list sounds too distant from the meatspace. There are dozens of countries struggling and having mass protest, debt unions and other exotic unionizations emerging, there are all the case studies pointing at limitations of current system theory, there are the governance challenges of “white coups” / nuanced hostile takeovers (like in Brazil or more recently Bitmain), there is also the case of more traditional approaches to governance that when augmented by recent advances showing meaningful results (like faircoop). Also DAO fractalization, future of governance work (like the struggle of governance workers automating themselves), information asymmetry and other core challenges that persist regardless of models, challenges of the communities evolving from new business models and incentives like music and artists
I think those topics or other topics out of those issues could offer more enticing and productive debate ::]

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When will this meeting take place? is it open for everyone?

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We’ll be announcing soon, but yeah, it’s Jan 24-26th in Berlin

Merge with the existent topic Dgov council #2

Hi @MaxSemenchuk Could I take the lead about funding and partnership with IIG and could you add this on the agenda? Who is part of the council by the way? :slight_smile:

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Closed this topic > let’s move to the main one pls: Dgov Council 2020: Jan 24-26, Berlin

Regarding your proposal – that’s terrific, will connect you with Tim, who’s leading that direction.