CommunityRule: simple, customizable governance templates

DGOV friends: lately, as part of ongoing work with the Metagovernance Project, I’ve been developing a new little platform called CommunityRule. It is inspired by a few things, like:

  • The Contributor Covenant, a code of conduct widely adopted in open-source communities
  • Creative Commons, which enables a friendly way for users to choose the right licensing regime for their project
  • Ancient monastic rules and lots of other old stuff

The goal at this stage is not to create a computational governance environment (a la the various DAO-making platforms), but more to facilitate the governance layer for communities like FB groups, email lists, and the like. As I’ve recently argued, the governance layer for a lot of online communities has been conspicuously missing, and while we wait for the technical tool-set of our dreams, it would be useful to at least have a little help designing governance in natural language.

Currently I’ve been playing around with a really simply prototype in Jekyll and Javascript, and I’m looking for collaborators interested in:

The goal is to build a tool that would be an easy, go-to place for various informal communities to pick and customize their governance processes.

Anyone interested? Or any feedback on the ideas here?

Hi Nathan,
This is the first I’ve heard of the meta governance project. Looks interesting, and yes, there is a huge lack of workable, scalable, nonhierarchical governance. We’re working on Canonizer, a tool for building and tracking consensus at scale. If you have consensus, nothing else matters. Maybe we could collaborate or be partners?

Interesting, thanks. Yeah, we’re looking for all kinds of partners for the broader Metagovernance work, though at this point we’re still in pretty early prototyping stages with a few key partners. Hopefully soon it will be something much more available to a wider range of online communities.