Communications Methodologies Between Communities

Money is a communication mechanism. However, in many communities, other types of measures could be used, for example a “certificate of good-standing”. We also use signals such as “Fair Trade” and “organic” labels. Reputation is another type of mechanism for understanding who someone is–so we don’t have to personally know everyone in order to trust them. What measures might be useful in a post-monetary world?

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16:14:26 From rin9s : Perhaps Food coin is in this scope -
1 unit of food regardless of $ cost I think-

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Do you think all this tokens would be exchangeable? Could you exchange a value for environmental or financial value? hmmm
16:23:45 From : “value” is subjective while “amount of money” is objective. objectivity enables exchange
16:32:01 From rin9s : Social Signaling!
16:34:58 From rin9s : Non-transferable tokens. Very interesting!
16:36:31 From rin9s : Selling your reputation?
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16:43:16 From Grace inter-community agreements and communication : Topic: What agreements and forms of communication do we need between distributed communities?
16:50:18 From Adam Stallard : >What agreements and forms of communication do we need between distributed communities?

Such an interesting question.
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ultimately, all aspects of the supply and labor chain would become transparent in some way

whether that be certificates or other measures to show “consumers” what happened at each part of the process

i think next we may start to see more eco-measures and it can get as detailed as we like — co2 and trees are the hot things right now but there are many more measures

even “fair trade” can be broken down further than a simply binary (fair trade vs non fair trade)

we can start to measure things on continuums/spectrums

what percentage of the ingredients/mass/volume of this product is organic?

on an operationalized ranking scale, how “fair” were the labor conditions and pay of the workers actually on a scale from 0-100?