Beyond Dunbar's Number, June 10, 2020


We didn’t take notes this week, so refer to the Miro board.

Below is the chat.
16:20:57 From Michael Linton : do we want to vote for something we can’t do? oh yes!
16:26:18 From Michael Linton : - collective unintelligence
16:27:18 From Victor E : Some questions: Are there fundamental epistemological/sociological limits to good data and consensus on facts? How is reliable knowledge produced? What do the institutions and practices science and journalism look like under decentralised datafied governance?

16:30:01 From Grace Rachmany :

16:30:14 From Martin Dow : @Grace - fab tx
16:30:16 From Grace Rachmany : Set of notes where we are discussing this topic in Google Docs
16:30:25 From Grace Rachmany :

16:32:38 From Michael Linton : Without deviation from the norm, change is not possible - fz
16:39:16 From Martin Dow :

^^ Registry of identifiers (DOIs) for people metadata and their institutional attestations

16:49:01 From Michael Linton : tangible to us
16:53:17 From Michael Linton : rivalrous systems
16:53:48 From : Small groups competing with other small groups inside the context of the larger group
16:54:31 From Michael Linton : Reeds law rules
16:57:42 From Martin Dow : Culture, anyone?
16:59:55 From Martin Dow : Brehan Law
17:00:24 From : Murmuration - complex adaptive behavior emerging from individual decisions made with limited local knowledge
17:00:40 From Martin Dow :

^^ arguably highly resilient and decentralised, murmurish?
17:07:27 From Lauren Nignon :