Announcement, Gratitude and Call to Collaborate

I am pleased to make this call for participation in the dGov activities, as well as an exciting announcement and thanks:

  • Announcement of weekly dGov call “co-branding” with Commons Stack!
  • Deep gratitude for the dGov organizing volunteers!
  • Call for a meeting to participate/organize!

Firstly, after months of dishing Praise, I reached out to Commons Stack and asked if they would like to collaborate/co-brand the dGov calls and they would! The regular call participants agreed and in accordance with our code of conduct (All proposals are accepted unless there is a material objection), we are now officially ready to make the announcement of co-branding/collaboration with Commons Stack. I would love some help writing a medium post / press announcement and thinking how to change the name so it is co branded without complication.

Secondly, now seems like a good time for us to call a group meeting for anyone who wants to discuss what’s next for dGov. But before that…

In the name of everyone who is part of the organization, I want to express huge, huge gratitude to the people who have been carrying most of the work of dGov up until this point: Tim, Max, Anja, Ella, Phoebe, and Aeon. Whether you know it or not, for the last 2 years this group of people created dGov from nothing-- putting together amazing events and meeting on a weekly basis behind the scenes to create this forum, an amazing amount of landscape research, at least 2 dGov council meetings and probably a bunch of other stuff that I have forgotten. The work is unpaid and thankless. We’ve also had generous sponsors for the events who have put in funds and if someone wants to publicly thank them here in the thread, please add on. This community has created a body of knowledge in this industry and started collaborations we will never be able to measure among the participants. Thank you!!!

So, with no further ado-- what’s next? The concept of a “core team” seems outdated for dGov, so we are calling for anyone to join a meeting to talk about what we want for the group, how people can participate more fully and what we would like to create next. To join… choose a spot on this doodle and we will meet to create the next step up for dGov!

Join the call: