A Call for Weekly Call Leadership

So firstly @Grace is awesome. And generous, tenacious, and fearless. Thank you!
She is awesome for leading the Weeklies, and she is awesome for quitting them and making us all appreciate the burden of leadership. Just awesome all around :pray::eagle::bouquet:.

And now to the point -
If we want to keep this going we will have to step up.
I’ve seen 5-6 semi-regular participants, and I think that’s plenty to keep this on the air.

What is a DGov Weekly Host?

Someone who shows up (this is not the trivial requirement it seems to be), introduces the week’s topic and new comers to the call, and possibly moderates the call a bit.

What can we do?

  • In each call, select a Primary and Secondary call hosts to host the next call, or the one after that.

  • Fight club rule - Any newcomers are auto-picked to host a call (that’s why I think a 2 week heads-up is better).

  • First person to join (after the host ) hosts the next call.

  • Once a month - set aside 30 mins to compile a list of topics, or set a schedule for people to present.
    this way we can separate topic from hosting. And if we want to do an FFA, then it should be easy to brainstorm a ton of topics every month or w/e.

Just my 2 cents. Hope @Grace and others will see this. Dunno anyone on the forum yet I’m afraid.
Thank you! :tophat::phone:


i think these are great ideas — any or all of them should be successful

i may not be available for about a month or so to join in calls but after that i may be more available :slight_smile:


That looks fantastic @Grace @rin9s would love to host a call some time. Thanks for doing this!

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